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01-09-2013, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by charlie View Post
Have you played sports at all.
Wrecking people and not gettin wrecked just isnt going to work
very well in most male athletes.
You want to play hard you better be prepared.
Not much to say here.

Originally Posted by charlie View Post
Yeah dont get me wrong here I love Emelin and his hard hitting game. I just dont want guys like Max lappiere on this team or in this league for that matter. You going to hit and agitate you better be able to back it up.
And the only reason I say you better back it up is because if you ever played sports and you have a guy running around knockin heads he best be prepared to get some head knockin back.
There's a difference between yapping like Lappy did and hard clean hits. I doubt Emelin taunts or insults anybody after his bodychecks since he can't speak english properly. A real hockey player should be able to accept that getting hit is part of the game. All the goons going for players after a big clean hit demean the game of hockey.

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