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Originally Posted by knorthern knight View Post
It's not about home fan support, it's about getting the last line change. Last year, Winnipeg had one genuine 1st/2nd line. They had a 3rd line playing as 2nd, and a 4th playing as 3rd. When the opposing team got the last line change, we were screwed. This year we'll have more than 1 line, so we shouldn't be as badly outmatched on line changes on the road, and will hopefully see better results on the road.

An interesting strategy might be starting the season a few AHL tweeners plus Mark Schiefele, who will all be in mid-season form. Let 3 "regulars" be "healthy scratches", whilst they work their way back into shape. After about 9 or 10 games (3 weeks or so) we can return to a more regular lineup once all the regulars are in shape. A good start, versus last season's atrocious start, could be the difference to making it into the playoffs.
I agree with you conceptually but minor detail I'd say...

Last season
high-end 2nd line (that can beat tough minutes)
low-end 2nd line (that can score)
decent 4th line (but needs to be sheltered but unfortunately used as shutdown)
revolving door of AHLers

high-end offensive 1st pair (that was really cut down to ~35 games together)
avg defensive 2nd pair (but had dangerous offensive bite with Bogo, but Stuart's hurt here)
regular defensive 3rd pair

This season (baring major injuries and with Bogo's return)
high-end 2nd line (that can beat tough minutes)
high-end 2nd line (that can score almost as fast if as any 1st line)
high-end 3rd line (as a whole may be one of top 5 3rd lines, great offensive punch with strong D)
avg 4th line

high-end offensive 1st pair (hopefully more games together)
avg defensive 2nd pair (keep Stuart out and watch a healed Bogo get'er done)
regular defensive 3rd pair

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