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Originally Posted by Colorado Sports Fan View Post
No need to apologize, like I said. I'm only looking for an authentic White. Doesn't matter if its Starter, Pro Player or CCM/RBK as long as its old school Sakic.

Besides, I find all the discussion fascinating. I had no clue there was any type of difference in in the Starter jerseys based on where they were made. I knew about different tags as my brothers that he bought at the team store when it was still at cherry creek mall is similar to the one in the auction i posted.

But it's great discussion. Thanks.
Keep hunting ebay. Something always turns up. Sometimes owners don't know that they have a great jersey and some others know what they have and overprice them. I don't mind overpaying a little bit if I've been hunting for it for over a year like the koho foppa jersey I bought.

And when you get that perfect virgin blank, get it done right at DA. Then you'll have a keeper jersey as long as you don't spill something on it or get it snagged on someting.

My collection is small, but I now have every old style jersey that I want in authentic ccm/koho with my favorite players of that era.

Now I'll move on to new stuff if reebok ever releases a real edge with the wordmark and not the indo edge junk. I'm not hardcore and in a rush like jay to buy a game issued jersey and stripping it to make a wordmark edge landeskog. I can wait another year before doing something similar.

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