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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
I'm a little confused. Why are there 20 rounds in the draft if there are only 20 players allowed on the roster, with 10 already being kept by each team?

Also, how does the entry draft work? Are players that haven't played in the NHL part of this draft as well? For example, I have Zibanejad on my team. He hasn't played in the NHL yet, and it's unlikely he plays this year due to injuries. Would he go back into the draft if I don't waste a keeper spot on him?
Keepers take up 10 of the rounds. It's more a formality than anything. When we load the live draft on Sunday the keepers will automatically be placed on each team, and the draft will be cut down to 10 rounds.

The entry draft is only open to players who were eligible for the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, so someone like Zibanejad would not be eligible for this draft, but Nail Yakupov would. Zibanejad would go to the FA draft (the live draft we are doing on Sunday).

Originally Posted by billvanseattle View Post
Hey I still need to find out how to manipulate my team ... I will send you a message Y2K.

Oh and I see we will not play an east coast team once this year ... (but hopefully 4 or 5 times)
I'll Inbox you some little tidbits and we can discuss anything else you have questions about tomorrow.

Originally Posted by xtra View Post
So i might (hopefully i can do 2 at once) miss the draft again as i have another one live that evening too at 7pm but im gonna preset my picks for that draft once all the keepers are done. lets get this prospect draft going WHOOO...need me some young players....

btw anyone intrested in the 2nd ov prospect pick message me.
You are able to do 2 drafts at once (I've done it before and haven't had problems opening the applet). Good idea to pre-rank as well so that you can easily manage both and just go off your list though.

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