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Originally Posted by Flyerfan4life View Post

you'll notice the recent stats for the Canucks "NEW" starter in that article..

just saying..
Those are from 8 games in a Euro league. His NHL numbers are:

2.24 GAA, .928%

Leighton, on the other hand, hasn't even played a game since last spring in the AHL.

Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
We've been down this road. Just as a quick example of one I remember, the guy a lot of people wanted this offseason (Biron) has a career line of .911 SV% and GAA of 2.61. You're going to tell me that .009 better SV% and .34 better GAA are ok but Leighton's are bad, even for a backup? Also Last year Biron's stats were .904 SV% and 2.46 GAA, once again, very close to Leighton's numbers. Look around the league and I think you will find that a lot of backups are right in that ballpark. They may be better but it isn't night and day. Leighton as a backup is not going to ruin this team. If he was the starter, I would agree with you. But as a backup, at $1 million, you are not going to really do much better unless it is a prospect you are developing from the draft (like Hovinen, perhaps in the coming years).
Leighton's numbers are actually inflated by his early seasons before the 05 lockout. His more recent numbers, since the last lockout:

3.71 GAA. .877%

That's our backup, and those numbers are boosted by his time playing behind the best defensive performance the Flyers have put on in years. As long as we score 5 goals whenever he plays while also being really good defensively, we'll be fine. Tall order. Hell, those numbers would be bad in the 80s.

Edit: And no, Biron's stats were not good last year. Especially considering the team he played behind. He's 35...he might have hit the wall fast and hard.

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