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Originally Posted by Franck View Post
It's a dump filled with arrogant people who think it's the centre of the universe.[/bias]
Case in point..B Boarding ?
In all seriousness, Stockholm is a very nice city in summertime. If Shrimper is from London, you'll probably find the restaurants and pubs underwhelming.

When compared to "best cities in the world" Stockholm falls short on many things such as shopping, pubs and restaurants. Stockholm has other strengths though.

Well as B Boarder said...visiting the archipelago on a boat tour is a must (a pretty damn good pub in itself, beautiful scenery and you can enjoy a cold one in the sun).

Whenever I've had foreign visitors coming over we've always made a stop at "Livrustkammaren". It's a pretty interesting museum that's never been a disappointment among tourists in my experience, Among other things, it displays old original garments that kings and queens used to wear. A key piece is King Gustav III masquerade costume, he was shot and killed during a masquerade in 1792. The garment is intact, blood, bullethole...the full monty.
Old town is a must visit and strolling down Djurgårn on a sunny day. IMO, Stockholm isn't a city made up of a number of specific sites but more like areas that you should explore.

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