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Originally Posted by LeBlondeDemon10 View Post
I think it used to be a skill. In today's game everyone hits and everyone is a target, never mind the cheap shots. With no more enforcers in the league, everyone is fair game. Not so many years ago, many players did not train in the off season and would use camp to get into shape. Today's players do much more than just skating to build and maintain their bodies; its almost a given that you show up for camp in top condition and have worked on certain weaknesses in the off-season. Also, a tremendous amount of luck is involved. The shot that Crosby took from Steckel was cheap yet somewhat preventable. But a player cannot always be 100 % ready for every hit. Today's equipment appears to be causing a lot more injuries (if Steckel is wearing an older version of elbow or shoulder pads, isCrosby's injury as serious?) But I do not know what man games missed looked like 30 years ago compared to today. My guess is that its much higher today. However, take Lemieux. His getting cancer was not a hockey related injury, but were his back problems? Was he not taking training seriously enough or was there a more complex problem with his back?
Great post and a couple of comments.

1) not sure if skill is the right word either as Farkas mentions. IMO a skill is something we can see in a young player and can project, at least to a certain degree, to the next level that each young player takes up the development ladder.

All to often the observation of a players ability to stay healthy or not is after the fact, hindsight is 20-20 proposition. If it was a true skill we would be able to predict these things, at least to some degree and with which players before based on observation and scouting before injuries happen.

2) Simple physics apply at some point IMO. With bigger, faster players, faster pace, changes in equipment like hard elbow pads, a significant increase in the number of hits, collisions and the impact of them being harder, more weight ect..

Too often modern players are being called soft, injury prone ect and not tough like in the old days and people are forgetting that the changes in the game that might be more the cause than the "skill" or lack of it, to stay healthy.

Just my 2 cents.

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