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Originally Posted by The U View Post
Keep hunting ebay. Something always turns up. Sometimes owners don't know that they have a great jersey and some others know what they have and overprice them. I don't mind overpaying a little bit if I've been hunting for it for over a year like the koho foppa jersey I bought.

And when you get that perfect virgin blank, get it done right at DA. Then you'll have a keeper jersey as long as you don't spill something on it or get it snagged on someting.

My collection is small, but I now have every old style jersey that I want in authentic ccm/koho with my favorite players of that era.

Now I'll move on to new stuff if reebok ever releases a real edge with the wordmark and not the indo edge junk. I'm not hardcore and in a rush like jay to buy a game issued jersey and stripping it to make a wordmark edge landeskog. I can wait another year before doing something similar.
Interesting talk on IceJerseys forum that the Indo Edge will be no more. Talk that 2.0s will be made in Canada, if I remember what I read correctly.

Quote from IJ forum:
dte421, on 15 November 2012 - 08:00 AM, said:
I'm hearing that they've shut down hockey jersey production in Indonesia entirely, and basically waiting for the stock to sell out before going to full scale 2.0 production (makes sense). So, while there are still some Canadian team and NYR, CHI, and PIT Indos out there, the 2.0's starting being pumped out because Reebok no longer has any in their warehouse. As other teams follow, the 2.0's will come

And funny you should mention getting a GI and stripping it to make a Landeskog. I've been seriously considering picking up a GI blueberry from Meigray and doing just that. Just have to wait until one of their 1/2 price sales to make it affordable.

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