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01-09-2013, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
Hahaha, come on now buddy. I am the biggest Karlsson fan but Spezza was downright amazing last year. Him and Karlsson carried the team not just Karlsson.

Plus, it's a team sport. We have Spezza who is not that far off from those guys, heck as of now he's better. Anyway, we have Spezza, Karlsson, Silfverberg, Zibanejad, Cowen, Lehner

We can have a team full of amazing players and win constant cups. You're acting like the slighttt difference between Spezza and Tavares would give NYI the cup when they have no one on D like Karlsson and someone as promising as Lehner.

I don't think trading Spezza for Tavares give NYI the Cup... In fact that would be praising Spezza, and most would consider what I'm doing to be bashing him.

Anyway... Spezza looks to be The Guy caliber right now (don't really know without extended playoff run).

BUT, he has been inconsistent throughout his career, has had injuries, who knows how his back will hold up.

He won't be finishing 4th in scoring in 3-4 years. IMO. There will be quite a few centres better than him by then.

Spezza > Tavares now, but the difference isn't very big, and age more than makes up for it. AINEC.

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