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01-09-2013, 11:12 PM
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Too often modern players are being called soft, injury prone ect and not tough like in the old days and people are forgetting that the changes in the game that might be more the cause than the "skill" or lack of it, to stay healthy.
Yeah, I don't buy that argument. Hockey players will always be hockey players and play through discomfort, pain and even severe injury. More than anything doctors are keeping them from playing because of our increased awareness of injuries. Funny, I was watching the Broadstreet Bullies documentary and watching some of those vicious hits from that era when only a few players wore helmets. For example, when Robinson checked Doernhofer into the boards so hard his head rattled off the glass. How could Doernhofer not have a concussion? How many of those guys played through major concussions because of the attitude back then? How could Schultz even hold a hockey stick with the amount of fights he was in punching helmets, teeth and skulls? So I'd say its relative. The speed and equipment of today is causing just as many injuries as back then, but we are more cautious about letting players play through the injuries. Insurance companies, I'm sure, play a major role in this.

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