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[QUOTE=Canadiens1958;57376233]Projections happen all the time at the developmental levels which is why you have AA,BB,CC down to A,B,C levels for age groups further subdivided into minor and major in certain regions. Youngsters are grouped by skill level to avoid injury. This has been part of youth hockey from the start.[QUOTE]

Avoiding injury might be a small part of it but the main part if for players at similar skills levels to challenge each other to get better is a much more important factor.

Also maybe you missed my point on projecting a player and his skill. I have yet to see anyone project which players will get major injuries and which ones will not, it's always after the fact that is mentioned.

Simple physics also covers the skill of rolling with a blow as opposed to fighting thru the blow. Watch how boxers roll or slip and neutralize blows. A learned skill. Likewise football players, some of the great running backs - Brown, Simpson, Payton, Sanders, Smith, short list whose careers were not marked by injuries.
Once again, an after the fact assessment and nowadays all running backs have shorter shelf lives with players in the NFL being bigger faster and more impact on the collisions that every RB takes.

Rolling with the blow or slipping like Lacrosse players do is not physics but rather skills.

Bigger players going faster with more intent and actual outcomes of collisions simply means more injuries, it's not rocket science.

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