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01-09-2013, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
I'm thinking he could play for 6 more years, not play at his current level for that long. Not every player plays til they're 40.

Remember, he only had 84 this season.. dropping to 70 isn't that big a drop
I never said 40. I went conservative and said 35.

Yea, he did have 84, but that was 4th in league scoring... He was 13 points away from 2nd. He did this with only one offensive threat to help him.

You said if Ottawa peaks. That means Silfverberg and whatnot play very strong hockey which I agree with you is very possible and should be the outcome then. Spezza with that much more help would only improve, even if he does decline, the stronger help would at least cancel out.

70 points isn't that big of a drop, but I would agree if Ottawa stayed at their level of play not when they are peaking. You are severely underestimating Spezza's game, wow.

We go from supposedly being the worst team in the league to having a player in the top 4 in scoring yet he will decline soon even though some players hit their best games at the age he is entering AND he'll be playing for a stacked team.

I'm not really arguing in a sense that you're argument and logic are severely flawed in itself.

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