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Originally Posted by Ohio Jones View Post
The reason we've avoided this in the past is the inflation it causes with regard to player salaries (wit middling players receiving top dollar contracts just to met the floor) and the inevitable struggles of low-revenue teams to maintain a healthy bank balance in the face of a high spending floor.

I think those risks are still very much present, but it would do away with the awkward "minimum OV business". Basically, I'm on the fence about this.

The biggest reason to do it, I think, would simply be to comply with our doctrine to match the NHL where possible.
There is not much difference in attendance revenue between a good team and a bad team. The difference is the additional revenue via playoffs and incentive. As far as bad contract goes, I don't think there is any correlation between minimum cap and salaries. Over the summar we saw plenty of bad contract by mediocre team. I think bringing minimum and max cap will bring parity among teams and we should also address $8M max because it makes no sense that teams are allowed to carry few superstars and be allowed with NHL cap but benefit $8M ceiling on salary. If we want to mimic the NHL than we need to follow all the NHL cap rules.

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