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01-10-2013, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post

I don't think trading Spezza for Tavares give NYI the Cup... In fact that would be praising Spezza, and most would consider what I'm doing to be bashing him.

Anyway... Spezza looks to be The Guy caliber right now (don't really know without extended playoff run).

BUT, he has been inconsistent throughout his career, has had injuries, who knows how his back will hold up.

He won't be finishing 4th in scoring in 3-4 years. IMO. There will be quite a few centres better than him by then.

Spezza > Tavares now, but the difference isn't very big, and age more than makes up for it. AINEC.
Like really? Spezza is inconsistent? He is over a ppg on his CAREER! He is 6th among all active players.

Here are the active top 10 in points per game:

1. Sidney Crosby 1.403
2. Evgeni Malkin 1.234
3. Jaromir Jagr 1.228
4. Alex Ovechkin 1.228
5. Teemu Selanne 1.048
6. Jason Spezza 1.016
7. Ilya Kovalchuk 1.008
8. Joe Thornton 1.001
9. Dany Heatley 0.988
10. Pavel Datsyuk 0.981

We don't really know about Spezza being "The Guy" without an extended playoff run? Where you been? We went to the finals! He tied for the Lead in points and led the playoffs in assists. He has always been a great playoff performer. Spezza is a "The Guy" player by any way you want to use the term. He is basically a guarantee of about a point per game or more every season. He needs to find a way not to miss 10-20 games in many seasons... aside from that he is tremendously consistent. One of the most consistently great forwards in the NHL.

And he is 29 years old coming off his best all around season and one of his most productive ones. Why are we worried about his production in 3 or 4 years? There is no reason to think it won't be very good? He isn't 34.

Just as an aside... If Spezza had been a UFA and wanted to max out his $$$ He gets more money than Parise or Suter did. If he wanted it he gets any contract he wants as the top UFA in that class.

Like seriously... he isn't Crosby or Malkin. He isn't Gretzky or Mario. What exactly do you expect Spezza to do to be the man? Does he need to win the Hart trophy to be the man? I don't think a lot of GMs would take Henrik Sedin over Spezza at centre.

He produces at a point per game with guys like Greening and even Regin and Condra on his line. Through superstars like Heatley or Alfie with him and he produces at more then a 100 point pace.

I wouldn't worry about him declining a ton for 5 or 6 years.

Like seriously what do you expect from Spezza? For his career so far... really his resume reads not to far off that of St. Louis, Alfredsson, Kovalchuk, Thornton, Datsyuk, Sundin. If he can put some health together until he is 35, 36, 37 he probably has a better than average shot at the Hall of Fame. Especially with Karlsson on our team.

What is it about Spezza? Do you have any idea how good he is? Top 6 in the NHL in ppg... FOUR TIMES. He has a season with more assists then games played! Do you realize how rare it is to have done that? It is rare like a 60 goal season for a playmaker to do that.

He just finished 4th in the scoring race, 6th in Hart voting LAST SEASON. What do we want from him? He was 2nd overall in the draft for a reason... and one of the best 2nd overall picks ever. He is freakishly talented and continually developing his overall game. He is a leader on the team. Watch him on the bench and on the ice talking with his teammates.

I guess if you definition of being "The Man" is to be prime Bobby Clarke or Bryan Trottier or Mark Messier. Or to be Malkin or Crosby then maybe Spezza has not been "The Man" and he might never be. If you definition of being the man is to still nearly get a ppg even in injury ridden seasons with terrible linemates and when healthy get a decent amount of Hart votes, be an eltie playmaker in the league while actually scoring 30+ goals himself... (something Thornton and Sedin can not do.

What are you expectations man?

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