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01-10-2013, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
So you're saying the Kings only have three D players that are able to handle their own ?

Greene had a career year last year, and it was not because he was protected. He is actually a good Defensive player, that has some bad moments.

But you have to take the good with the bad.

The fourth line is not protected, Sutter played that fourth line against anyone.

They simply have a roll to play, that roll is only 8 to 11 minutes a night.

No one is calling for A-Mart to be protected, he doesn't need to be ether.

What doesn't make sense is breaking up a paring that has chemistry and is dominant.

That is Drew and Scuds.

All because Slava isn't ready to shoulder some more responsibility ?

If that's the case, he need not be on the roster. Find someone else. Hickey would be more than happy to have those top four minutes.

Ultimately it's Sutter's call , and I don't think he is going to let anyone not put on Big boy pants.

Slava will be expected to get it done without Mitchell/Scuds. If Slava doesn't get it done, I am confidant the Kings will find someone who will.
Actually Martinez and Greene were "protected" quite a bit last season...take a look at the Quality of Competition stats for the boys on the blueline last season (higher number means they faced tougher competition.

Quality of Competition
RK SEASON NAME TEAM +- QoC +- QoT Corsi Rel QoC Corsi QoC Corsi Rel QoT Corsi QoT
1 2011-2012 Season DREWDOUGHTY L.A 0.043 -0.024 0.986 0.090 -0.304 9.291
2 2011-2012 Season ROBSCUDERI L.A 0.026 0.018 0.910 0.190 0.707 9.775
3 2011-2012 Season WILLIEMITCHELL L.A 0.014 0.109 0.420 -0.008 1.401 10.233
4 2011-2012 Season SLAVAVOYNOV L.A -0.045 0.129 -0.051 -0.243 0.576 9.546
5 2011-2012 Season MATTGREENE L.A -0.087 -0.063 -0.494 -0.731 0.546 9.978
6 2011-2012 Season ALECMARTINEZ L.A -0.146 -0.065 -1.295 -1.944 -0.158 9.437

You'll notice how Doughty and Scuderi took the hardest minutes on the team, whereas Greene and Martinez were really sheltered last season. Even Voynov was moved away from tough competition compared to Mitchell quite a bit.

Greene is a fine 3rd pairing D, hard hitter, leader, but he is just average defensively, not a good first pass, simply cannot handle top 4 minutes against quality competition. Perfect for a 3rd pairing, but not a guy you want logging big minutes in your top 6. Martinez is ready for harder competition, IMO, but it needs to be in the right role with the right partner. Not convinced him and Voynov is the right situation. I have no problem moving Martinez up into Voynov's spot, but not Mitchell's.

Hickey's defensive game has come a long way, and it's possible down the road he can become a solid defensive guy on the LD position, but I would not rush him into it with with Martinez or Voynov right now.

It's also about balance in the pairings, and offensive guy and a defensive guy, as well as a LD and RD. Voynov is an offensive guy, it's best if he has a LD defensive partner. Don't particularly want a guy who is just average defensively moving to his off side as the anchor in a pairing. Greene can fill in part time there, but only a short while, IMO. If it's just a week or two, I am fine with Greene-Voynov on the 2nd pairing with Hickey-Martinez as less protected 3rd pairing than we had last year, particularly as Hickey is natural LD and Martinez has only played RD for us. Long term though, not an ideal solution, unless Hickey's defensive game blows us out of the water.

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