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01-10-2013, 12:45 AM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
true. Which is why I certainly don't think the team is doomed if Spezza stays.

I just think it would be better. That lineup I posted... don't you guys think it's guaranteed to get a top 3 pick? MacKinnon or Barkov or whoever would just be great.

Top 3 pick + that Wild package... putting aside your attachment to Spezza, don't you guys think it would be better for the team?

This season is perfect to tank... Foligno + Kuba > Latendresse + Methot. Cowen is gone. Short season. Perfect timing for one last tank job.

Spezza was GREAT last season. Getting older or not, it's possible he never repeats that performance. So inconsistent.

He played like a top 5 centre in the world. Well, he's not. Him hitting 30 now, he's gonna be going down, not up.
So your logic is we trade one of our two best players in the hopes we stink and get to draft in the top 3. This season is a perfect season to tank?

I look at the 48 game season... and I am sure the Murray's do... as a perfect season to play well at least and make the playoffs and develop some young players and maybe catch lightning in a bottle and go really deep in the playoffs.

Like do you actually think teams try to tank? This misconception that the Oilers or the Penguins tried to tank is hilarious. The Pens sucked because they had no money. They consistently tried to get better... signing UFAs like Gonchar and still sucked for another year. The Oiler's sign Khabibulin not to suck... they got Ryan Smyth so they could compete for the playoffs.

Teams rarely ever TRY TO TANK or Plan to. They are like us... when we dealt Fisher, Kelly etc. They realize they have too much money and ice time tied up in veteran players they can't win with and trade them to try to get some good futures and retool and hopefully be better the next year or the year after.

The idea of a team like the Senators coming off a very good season... where they massively improved, made the playoffs... fought really hard in the playoffs.. have probably a better roster this year overall despite being weak on defence... would trade their best player and other players to try to draft early is so asinine that it is just almost unbelievable. That anyone would think that was a SMART idea to improve the team long term is nuts.

Teams suck and draft super early because they suck... they have injuries... they lack talent, they make poor decisions. No NHL GM is sitting around thinking about Tanking. NONE. GMs, coaches, players have PRIDE. And they try to win. Do you know how you get better at winning? By winning. The Red Wings consistently stay good even as they keep losing stars to age because they have a winning mentality. The entire team learns to win. From the stars to role players. They lost Lidstrom and Stuart and Holmstrom and they will be weaker but I would not bet against them making the playoffs.

Any team that would try to make themselves worse before the season starts is a loser franchise... no players will want to go there and the players will learn how to lose. Let's go through the "tanking" teams... Oilers... constantly tried to improve each season and just failed to be able to do so... had the money and spent it too... they just could not find the way to win. Penguins... were going bankrupt... had to trade Jagr for nothing essentially because he made so much money. As soon as they had the ability to spend... they did and signed Gonchar and stuff but still sucked for another year. Chicago had a horrible Owner that blocked local TV and figured out he could make a decent profit with a crappy weak team with a low payroll. Owner dies.. son takes over and they bring in a winning philiosophy... With Wirtz sr. Chicago never wins a Cup even with their high picks.

The idea of trading Spezza now for even blue chip prospects and possible top 3 picks is monumentally stupid. Spezza is what you want from a top 3 pick. None of the top 3 picks may EVER be as good as Spezza will be for the next 5 years... they may be or might not be. You pick even first overall and you hope you get a player as good as Spezza has become and still is.

We basically have accomplished the PERFECT rebuild. We went from near max cap to the near bottom of the cap range... made the playoffs... went from having a terrible prospect pool to an exceptional one and managed to make the playoffs in the process and look to have a very good chance of doing the same this season. It is quite frankly near perfection... we don't have a SINGLE bad contract on the roster. We have some vets with expiring contracts. We kept the HEART and CORE of the very good teams we had with Spezza, Alfredsson, Neil, Phillips. We even selectively targetted Karlsson and moved up in the draft to specifially select him and now he is one of the top players in the entire world. It is a retool, rebuild that is next to none. And no luck was involved... we did not win a lottery to get Crosby... or luck into anything. We made shrewd moves... got quality vets with leadership and good abilities. Did not trade prospects before they could develop... like Greening for example. We did EVERYTHING right. Like almost anything. The Murray's are going at this PERFECTLY. We are in a cap environment and we have endless money to improve the team when the ideal options come available.. we don't need to grasp at straws...

Even if we don't happen to make the playoffs this season I don't see how we can not be close to it unless we have catastrophic injuries... And I see us with a chance at the Cup. At least a chance. If everything goes well..... we have tons of futures to trade at the deadline to improve weaknesses to the team. We are not really in win this season mode but you need to be ready to strike if we have lightning in a bottle and we are in a position to do that.

The idea of throwing away this progress by trading away Spezza is beyond stupidity. Do you know how long teams wait to get a true #1 centre? about as long as we waited to get a true #1 goalie. If you have one you don't get rid of him... you may not get another for a decade.

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