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01-10-2013, 01:30 AM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post

Remember, he only had 84 this season.. dropping to 70 isn't that big a drop
Yup ONLY 84 points. ONLY 4th in the NHL.

Ageism is funny. Alfredsson is OLD. He is not as good as he was at his peak (a sustained prime and peak he started when he was older than Spezza is now!)

But hey I look at the playoffs... I look at game changing abilities. Even this year's Alfie will be able to take over some games. Will be the best player on either team in some games... will have astounding shifts. Will be a game breaker.

Alfie won't be the Game-breaker he was in 2003 or 2007... but he will win games for us and do things no one else could do. Months or weeks at a time.. but for a game or a period or a shift... he can and will be a true difference maker. Because he is a HHOFer... and an elite superstar player.

Do you know who declines the slowest? Superstar, extremely talented players. They age the best. Want to gauge the historical staying power of players? The best ones play the longest careers and are the best players at 34,35,36,37,38,39,40,40+. Sure they decline. But they decline less and play longer.

Why are Jagr, Selanne, Alfredsson still playing and actually very, very good?

A player of Spezza's pedigree, performance and ability is FAR less likely to decline in a huge way at a young age then lesser talents. There is little reason to expect a swift decline by Spezza... or to not expect him to be a very good player at 34, 35, 36. He is 29. As long as he can be healthy he will be good. Alfie had some injuries early and later in his career bit he was pretty darn good last year at an old age. If Spezza was committed to it I could see him playing effectively till he is almost 40. He is that talented and smart on the ice.

The fact Spezza seems to be constantly improving his overall game on both ends of the ice is a great sign. 29 and maybe his best overall year despite tremendous point production earlier on the Pizza line... that he can be at his best last season is a tremendous sign.

Like how insane is it to think that we should move on from a 29 year old superstar who may be coming off his best season?

St. Louis, Iginla are older and still exceptional. Talent dies slower then a normally skilled player.

Really Joe Thornton might be the most comparable player to Spezza and he is 34 and his last 5 seasons have been pretty decent. Not peak Thornton from the 3 years before the last 5 years, but still around a PPG and an elite 1st line centre. If that is Spezza the next 5 years then that is pretty great.

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