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01-10-2013, 02:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
I'd sell you my 'old' one...but the logistics may be a tad bit difficult.

I'm going to have a 55" as my main TV and...yeah, I'm not really sure what to do with the 32" one. I live in a studio so there's no exactly a whole lot of sturdy places I could put it that would make any sense...especially with a kitten running around with a penchant of knocking stuff over (I can't drill into the walls, so making some elaborate double-decker set-up is, sadly, impossible ).

Also...I suck at money, but that's a tangent for another thread.

Going from watching games on a laptop with a bad internet connection last year to a 55" 1080P HD 3D set...I haven't stopped drooling since I saw it in the store.
I appreciate you offering to sell me your old one Big ol' pal (), but yeah that might be a bit tricky.

I had a kick ass HD 32" 1080p Samsung TV back when I lived in Timmins, but I was too worried about it getting damaged by careless movers when I moved here to Kitchener last September. So I sold the TV to my mom who fortunately had agreed to keep the money for me until I found a new TV. The trouble is, most 32" HDTV's nowadays are utter crap in terms of quality when compared to my old and still awesome one. So I'm not sure yet if I'll buy a new (and bigger and better and sadly more expensive) one this summer, or, if I'll take my mom up on her offer of driving my old TV down to me when and if she comes to visit me this summer.

Ah well, like I least for this shortened NHL season I'll have the 55" TV and an HD sattalite receiver to watch Pens games on. I'll worry about getting an HDTV and an HD box for my bedroom this summer most likely.

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