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01-10-2013, 02:09 AM
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Wow we knocked this thread off the first page...hooray end of lockout!

Anyway, I've been playing good ol' Sim City for the SNES, because I want something to half pay attention to while I do other stuff, and I'm discovering a lot of interesting things.

Having a war on the poor seems to be very fruitful. I took the bulldozer to every mid and low grade residential zone and replaced them with parks and I only lost a few thousand in population while my land values skyrocketed. Did the same thing with commercial zones to similar effect.

Also, if you want to relocate your seaport, build the replacement first and let its power get turned on before you bulldoze the old one. I bulldozed first and then replaced, and all my industry decided to punt. Lost a crapton of people.

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