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Originally Posted by Stickchecked View Post
It might be fair to say that the glute muscle is the most important leg muscle for skating, strong glutes are what enables you to have a low skating style and provides the base for transferring power into your stride.
Having strong glutes is necessary, but to be specific, it's the glute med. and various other hip muscles that are usually in need of the most work for skaters. Focus on core and hip exercises first, legs (knees and ankles) and explosion second, and then upper body third.

In terms of diet, if you're working out, you're going to need some extra protein. The good news is a post-workout mix of Chocolate Milk and Whey Protein makes for a decent dinner replacement. If you're looking for a "full" feeling, I also take Casein protein at night to help with hunger and give me a protein kick while I sleep.

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