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01-10-2013, 06:00 AM
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Originally Posted by BBKers View Post
So if the season starts on January 19th and ends on May 2 it is 104 day season
Trade deadline is reputed to be on April 5, 2013. 27 days would then remain of the season.
Prorated amount at deadline (on the annual cap hit) is therefore a whopping 3,85 times.Very interesting as this will mean everyone will basically be able to afford just about anyone at the deadline as a rental... Getting under next years cap will of course make pending UFAs the "attractive" bounty, longer contracts will be much harder to move imo.
Could mean a very busy deadline - very much depending on how many teams "are in it" on April 4. Or could mean absolutely nothing... Time will tell.
John Shannon tweeted its a shorter season.

NHL Regular Season to start Jan 19, ends April 27. SC Playoffs start May 1, could go as long as June 28

Its 99 days. $2.67M.

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