Thread: News Article: I don't heart Brian Wilde
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01-10-2013, 06:12 AM
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some of you are not thinking right.
Habs need a bit of time to fix the ship. Cant even buyout anybody until july. The team has some really good young core players. but is still burdened with some dead weight. MT needs to start to fix the on-ice effort. MB needs 6 months to fix the contract problems. The prospects need 6 more months to mature as least. Anybody that cant see this is blind. You dont have to tank the year. but the current team can do better.
I have a huge doubt that the habs even make the playoffs again under the current conditions. The habs just dont have the horses yet.
What we all want to see is progression. We want to see a much better effort on the ice every night, a tougher team to play against. Those that dont pull their weight get what they deserve ( unlike Martin).
One of the best deep draft years is almost here. HABS have piled up more draft picks and might even get a few more with a dump or two.
Let Timmons go CRAZY again. In just two years, Timmons would have completely rebuilt the prospect pool. MB has set things up to have the kids learn the HABS way right off in the AHL, when ready those rookies will fit in FAST and look much better right off. The truth is the truth no matter what we wish.
DO a bit better this year? sure, but no playoffs. Next year? after all the fixing? now that's a new horse.

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