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01-10-2013, 06:57 AM
What a Strange Trip
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Hearing people imply RG3's recovery time may be on the low end, because he is so "driven" to recover as soon as possible is making think that may in the end be counter productive. I am preparing for 12 months.

I would bet he will be racing to get into game 1 and beat out Cousins... lying to anyone and everyone about his condition. I am thinking it may be best to sit his ass ALL next year no matter what he says. He may be quick to say that he is the best option for this team even on 6 ligaments, but I want him to learn the lesson that there is no I in team, and figure out he is better for our team on all 8 ligaments.

I wonder if it really cooked his goose to see Cousins come in and throw for more yards than he had, doing it in a less gimmicky offense. Cousins undefeated as a starter; all triggering a competition inside his head that really did not exist, and ultimately hurt the team thinking he had to mask his injury more than ever.

I know part of being young is being stupid and learning by mistakes, but he just has to be smarter protecting himself, especially since his coach will not.

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