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The main arena, Malmö Arena, is the best hockey arena in Sweden and one of the best in Europe. The best way to get to the arena is by train and the train pretty much stops by the entrance to the arena. Train to the arena takes 7-8 mins from Malmö Central, 13 mins from Copenhagen Airport and 27 mins from Copenhagen Central. There is a giant mall next to the arena, where you can shop and eat, before and after games. Expect a lot of people, since the after-Christmas sales will be taking place. The outside area around the arena and the mall can be quite windy and chilly in the winter.

The second arena, Malmö Isstadion, is currently being renovated as mentioned earlier in the thread. It's located closer to central Malmö. By train, it's 3 minutes away from Malmö Central and then about a 2 km walk. You can of course also take the bus within Malmö staight to the arena. For the train rides from Copenhagen, add 3 minutes to the previous mentioned times. Möllan, which Askel talked about, is pretty close to this train stop. So you can e.g. grab a beer and something to eat here and then walk to the arena. Lilla Torg, which Askel also mentioned, is close to Malmö Central, so that's another nice option before/after games.

Some other things to do while in Malmö could be visiting Malmö Museum, which is located in a castle, checking out the weird twisting building Turning Torso or simply just walking around looking at all old buildings around the squares Lilla Torg and Stortorget. Or if you're a soccer fan, maybe check out Ibrahimovic's plate on the Walk of Fame outside the soccer arena, which is next door to Malmö Isstadion.

Copenhagen being close nearby means even more stuff to check out.

Don't expect snow, since we only get like 2 weeks of snow per winter. But it's usually freezing cold in the winter anyway thanks to wind chill.

Welcome to Malmö!

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