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Originally Posted by SarniaSting101 View Post
Last year when JB traded like a madman everyone was angry, especially when we were done after the first round. Now he sits back and is content with what appears to be a decent team, both talent-wise and chemistry-wise, and now everyone will be ticked off that he didn't do more. I believe some people on this board will not be happy ever. Take a look at London right now - who is going to compete with that, no matter how hard you try. At some point I believe you have to figure out if it is worth it. Just my opinion of course.
This is a BIG difference between DISAPPOINTED and ANGRY.Check the dictionary.If I was ANGRY,I wouldnt be on here praising the boys for their good effort up to this point.Yes even praised Jocko.The one player who I have been critical on here about is DeAngelo.Enough said.Disappointed because the teams around us have boosted their lineups and we havent.My reasons for being DISAPPOINTED are
1 - London #1 no doubt
2- OS and Kitchener will be #2-#3 (good trades)
3- Plymouth just got much better with their new trade with Saginaw,(will be hard to beat in our division)
4-Guelph (one of the toughest team in the OHL),Saginaw,(of the best goalie's) Sarnia,SSm (always hard to beat and tough)and Windsor (just loaded up big time)battling the bottom 5 spots to play one of these top 4 teams
5 - Sarnia needs help with 1 Dman and 2nd line forward upfront.Sarault line will run out of steam by playoffs at this rate on minutes logged,Look at last year
6- DISAPPOINTED NOT ANGRY because I thought there has been so far, some good value in the trades that would have helped us on the cheap,

What was my feelings about last year.You have no clue.This year I am DISPPOINTED so far with the trades,not ANGRY. I am HAPPY with the season so far.Good job boys

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