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06-14-2006, 06:40 PM
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I don't like Raymond....but the article have a good point.....Does the Leafs have a scout in OHL and at the draft does the Leafs select only OHL players......

The Leafs are selecting the BPA available that's your answer....if a player like Colaiacovo is there they will take it (good local boy)....But it's clear that they are looking carefully all the players in the OHL.

Why the Habs don't do that in the Q???? It's their own background I don't care if the player speak french but if we look at the fact the Habs have no scout for look at Radulov, Karsums, Zagrapan, etc...??? That's not logic

In the First round we all agree that the BPA is the rule in any draft. After that the team must know if they can have a good local boys before other NHL team...

We need a full time scout in the Q....and the midget AAA. I think that the Habs don't know who is Sauve and Cormier????
We should stop underrating the Q, Since Granby, they are winning the Memorial Cup more often and the expansion have bring very good young talent like Crosby....Quebec's team have won the -18 this year.....I'm not saying the Q is better than the OHL and WHL but they are not a "garage league"

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