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Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post
1st I will answer your questions,yes he can trade picks for picks today if he wishes even pick up prospects who are B cards,Kuchmey I would not trade him,then u have no signed goalie in your system should Pav or DeKort get hurt,yes a player who clears waivers can be brought up as an affiliate player,teams generally put such players on their 50 player list
As for Deguisseppe I have a better iidea,if Spits can convince him to sign with Lasalle,he is a Canadian easier to do then get a release from USA hockey,sign him,he is under a b card,play his 9 games,makes him eligibile for next yr as an o/a,wait for Lasalle to finish their season and bring him up to finish year in Windsor
Obviously discussions with Carolina would have to place
Best case sceniario place him or arrange for him to be on a non play off bound B team,get his 9 games in and then call him up for balance of season
One way I think to circumvent the rules
I figure if there was a chance for us to get him that we would have left a card open for him. I can't see anybody leaving NCAA for Jr B. I assume WR contacted him and said there was zero chance he was leaving, so my trade idea would be all for nothing as well. If I was Carolina I would have maybe looked at getting him to move to the CHL, most college high picks leave school after their junior year to join the AHL, which would mean after next season, so coming here for a year would be a better bridge between NCAA Hockey and the AHL. Also he got a taste of the college experience - sometimes that's romanticized in the minds of some and turns out is not for everybody.

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