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01-10-2013, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Isles Enforcer View Post
An update: our defense looks like this...

Streit // Hamonic
MacDonald // Donovan
Carkner //

-Reinhart has been confirmed to be at camp although I hope he doesn't make the team.
-Martinek, given a tryout should probably get an offer
-Ness was injured last night, taken a stick to the face. Will be out a few weeks
-Wishart will probably not be given a tryout but will be waiting in the wings
-Landry I like but he's not having that good of a season for the Tigers so far
-McIver was also injured last night and didn't practice today
-Cantin is out with a concussion

Boy we are in bad shape. Unless a trade or waiver pickup is made it looks like Reinhart is getting his (now) 5 game tryout until something is done.
You said it!

Stated simply - this list is pretty disgusting...

I hear Mark Eaton is still without an employer?:-)

It'll be interesting to see who they bring in. This camp can't really include AHL Dmen, because they've actually got games to play. Have to think the team already knows which of them they want to have anyways.

I wouldn't normally say that Donovan is a gimme, but in light of the current blueline construction, it looks like it's completely his job to have, ready or not (and I don't think he is).

I sure hope Snow has something up his sleeve. Even if Martinek is signed and Donovan and Reinhart stick, no-one in their right mind can think that this blueline will have any chance of competing or staying healthy (alone Carkner and Martinek are walking hospital bills and Hamonic is coming off a concussion) over a condensed schedule played only in the east.

The team simply must bring in other bodies. There are a number of them out there and the team might be well-advised to grab a player or two currently fit and in form over in Europe.

Lord knows that other teams are doing exactly that...

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