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01-10-2013, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Oyabun View Post
Huh ?, that was my 1st post in this thread.

If I am gonna go to the World Cup in Rio....(not saying Malmö is as dangerous as Rio)...would it be completly irrelevant to discuss safety issues for abroad fan travels on a football forum ?. Because..."this is a football forum"

Who is the one whining here ?. I made one post about something that can be supported by facts. If you think it's uncomfortable or whining then that's A-ok with me.

I am not gonna be commenting on the issue further. Not because of your comment or that I felt my tiny bit of info was out of place but I've had my say and any fan travelling from abroad can find the info of Malmö and how to stay safe on their own. I just don't want people coming over here with blinders on.
After reading this thread I would stay far far away from Malmö, if I were a tourist. 50% of the Swedish posters telling me how dangerous it is to walk around in Malmö. Great!

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