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01-10-2013, 09:49 AM
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You forgot to mention the Lakers, Jazz, Raiders, Flames, Giants, Athletics and the Dodgers.
Also Rams, Braves, Hawks, Rockets, Royals, Clippers, Kings, Grizzlies, Redskins, Chargers and Cardinals (twice)

Originally Posted by Avder View Post
Except he didn't mention them, so I saw no need to. All those teams make good examples of teams that could be considered walking corpses of their former teams, however enough time has passed with those particular relocations (minus the Raiders), that the outrage has had several generations to die out in most cases, tho I am sure it still simmers with some people the same way I can't tolerate the Stars mere existence. (Oh and the Lakers can go die, but not because they originated in Minneapolis...well maybe a little because of it)

And as for the Raiders: well, LA has a long, storied history of being unable to support and NFL team for some reason, so I think they can be given an exception. Additionally, any die-hard Raiders fan in LA can conceivably drive up to Oakland from LA on a regular basis. They only moved half a state to the north.
LA only borrowed the Raiders for a few years....they shouldn't have any right to lay claim to that team.

As far as the North Stars go, I was as big of a fan as anyone. They were the team of my youth (Anyone else remember watching them on Spectrum pay TV?). I was crushed beyond belief when Norm effin' Green packed them up and shipped them out. But I've moved on. I don't even equate the Stars with the North Stars anymore.

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