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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS3)

Yes, I'm about a year late, but it's not exactly easy to find PS3 games here in China. It was shipped to me in September.

There is a lot to love about the game; before I knew it, I had dropped 180 hours, many of them just spent walking around Skyrim and marveling at the scenery. There is also a ton of things to do...main quest getting boring? Do the Mages' College...Mages' College a little too short and unsatisfying for you? Pick up a few Thieves' Guild ran into the glitch after 'Loud and Clear' that breaks the Thieves Guild questline? Dark Brotherhood. The name of the game here is variety and customization.

However, there is a lot to dislike, especially if you like me happen to be an old-school RPG purist, raised on things like compelling characters and intuitive battles. When Sephiroth killed Aeris, or the battle with Lavos, or Kefka poisoning Doma? Nothing in this game carries anything resembling that degree of heft...what about the insanely creative elements-system from Chrono Cross or Star Ocean's cool RTB system? You want to kill things in Skyrim, just hit L1 and R1 and hope that you didn't just attack someone stronger than you.

Also, the world is so big, and there's so much to do, but how much of it is really just fetch-quest filler? How many quests in the game are 'go here, to this dungeon that looks like 98% of the rest of the game's dungeons, get this thing/kill this person, then return to me for money?'

And that's to say nothing of the glitches; they are EVERYWHERE and they **** everything up; with a save file of 22 MB, I'm basically reduced to rebooting my PS3 every 40 minutes because lag gets insane...and there are also a hell of a ton of quest (and questline, see: what I said about the Thieves' Guild quest above) breaking glitches; require an item for a quest, but you inadvertently had it in your inventory when you took the quest? Well...tough ****, you can't complete that quest...wait too long to talk to someone after one quest and now the other quest can't start? Well...tough **** again, that questline is dead until you can get back to the bullet-fast WiFi of Canada and download all of the necessary patches. And the patches! Ugh! They take at least two hours on my crappy WiFi, and instead of releasing an inferior product and then retroactively 'fixing' it with patch releases, why doesn't Bethesda just make sure that the product is up to par in the first place? Even if spamming the Oghma Infinium is good when you're tired of getting smacked by every Briarheart or Draugr Deathlord at level 46, it's one diamond on top of a big pile of ****.

I'm not saying the game isn't beautiful or fun; Skyrim is one of the best looking games I've ever played, and I don't just drop 180 hours into something just to do it, but the atrocious glitches, and the fact that much of the story is the RPG equivalent of throwing a bunch of crap at the wall to see what sticks, definitely takes what should have been an all-time great and drops it into an all-time good. I wouldn't say that all the hype for the game was unwarranted (a perfect version of Skyrim is one of the most important games ever, and even its current state is still damn important), but I'm not saying that said hype was delivered on, either.

Aside from a WiiU (after Zelda and Metroid are announced), I have no idea which console I plan to buy...but unless the next Elder Scrolls game runs like a dream (in other words, does something no other ES game has done in the past), I think I'll be passing on it. Still, almost 200 hours and some cool ****, but I have to assign two scores; one that the game should and could have received if it had 90% less problems, and one that it does receive because of the problems.

The score a perfectly-running (hell, I would have even taken a near-perfectly running) PS3 port of Skyrim gets: 9.6/10

The score that the poorly-running PS3 port of Skyrim gets: 7.8/10

Up next: A game I have little doubt will be far superior, Mass Effect 3.

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