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01-10-2013, 09:42 AM
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Have to give WR and gang credit, they took a big steaming pile of crap and turned into a nice little piece of pottery.

They injected some much need talent, more importantly veteran talent into a line up that obviously wasn't ready for the heavy lifting. I'd like to have seen Ebert moved but that's just me. I agree that Bateman has struggled, but I haven't given up on the kid. Not upset they didn't or couldn't move him and if he is a late bloomer it could be the best trade they never made.

Moving Posa wasn't a surprise to me either, as mentioned someone in the leadership structure had to go and they aren't getting rid of the coach or gm. Great kid in the community and Guelph is a good place for him as Mike Kelly is all about quality people. But I wasn't convinced he was the right fit to command this group. Difficult also when you could be going up against the owners kid/ just saying.

Over all I'd say WR had a real good season on the trade front. Enough to get them into the playoffs or more important the 7th seed. We'll have to wait and see.

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