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Originally Posted by maplehawk View Post
You disagreeing/misunderstanding with what I'm saying doesn't mean I don't watch the team I cover, but thanks for your concern.

The Boudreau point was meant to be a comparison to Carlyle's system. There is no denying that Carlyle's teams played a defensive-oriented system. With center-pieces like Pronger and Niedermayer on the back end, the defensive system flourished and resulted in a dominant team. With a significantly weaker defensive core post-cup, the team was less able to thrive under Carlyle's system and he himself didn't quite adapt.

Boudreau brings a much more offensive-oriented coaching strategy to the table, having plenty of experience with offensive workhorses like Ovechkin and Backstrom.

Perhaps you misunderstood the comparison I was trying to make, but I'm not sure how one could disagree outright with this point.

The Fowler point is pretty straight-forward I would've thought. If he's going to play 22+ minutes a night, he should be looking to improve 5 on 5. He's the type of player the Ducks want on the ice that much, but he still has to prove that the time should be his versus another d-man. I never said anywhere that he can't be trusted, in fact, it's pretty evident that he is trusted with those minutes as he averaged 23+ last year. He's still young, progressing, and a very good player but it's hard to deny the areas he needs to work on when he posts by far the team's worst +/- at mins-28 with the next closest being minus-14.

Hope that clears things up.
Citing generalities doesn't actually rebut a charge of not watching.
That aside, you said " . . . the team appeared to thrive under the more wide open offensive style Boudreau implemented . . . ." That means, Boudreau implemented a more wide open style [than his predecessor], and that it worked. No, it didn't. Boudreau's first weeks were a disaster and the team didn't stop spinning out of control until BB locked the wings down and shortened the gap. The team did move away from Carlyle's emphasis on cycling to focus more on work in front of the net, but that's not what you said. You said, again, the team appeared to thrive under the more wide open etc. I did not misunderstand.

If, as you claim, you wanted to just generally say: Boudreau is more offensively-minded, and that's a big change from Carlyle, you could have. It would have been a fatuous, least-common-denominator, everyone-knows-that analysis, but at least it would have had the virtue of being accurate.

As for Fowler, again you're boxscore scouting (thanks for that phrase, Paul!), taking the easy presumption that Fowler's numbers are a result of his poor defensive prowess. Even if it was your intention to imply (and I'm not sure that it's implied from what you wrote) that Fowler was trusted with 22+ minutes and did not perform well, that statement also implies that Fowler's ice time is in jeopardy from the team's new additions (whom you did not mention). It isn't.

So, if you do indeed watch the games, and you'd like to start giving that impression, you should write as if you've seen one.

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