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01-10-2013, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Frank Stocking had awful, horrible stats. Longevity, sure. But I'd never select him, and I've gone all the way to pick 2100.

Collins is just fine for this level.

And TBH, I'm not feeling the Puppa love like a lot of other people were. He was about 15th on my list heading into this thing. I sure wasn't thinking "if we can't trade up for Martin, for the love of god, we better get Puppa!"
Honestly, I like the two quotes about Collins more than his GAA numbers. I think it's just very hard to distinguish goalies from their teams this early and I wouldn't expect any goalie to lift a crappy team. Collins didn't do anything special with the Crystals and then won his league once after that playing behind James Stewart and Allan Cameron.

We like Collins here because he posted good GAA numbers against no competition in the earliest era and won one Stanley Cup? I really don't see the appeal, outside of one quote calling him the best goalie in the game in 1896.

You've been vocal about your Puppa doubts, but I'll take his resume in a much deeper era even if he was no playoff hero. He was a second-team all-star and should have gotten another award in 1996. Despite how well he was regarded by the group, I imagine his playoff resume getting me in trouble at a point, but Herbert Collins isn't that point. He won one Cup with a dynasty club and then had to give his second away immediately after "winning" it against Queen's University.

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