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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
While I acknowledge your believe that defense is a glaring need, the stats surely dont show it. Yes a defensive dman would be nice. However, coming from you, saying Gibson isnt a show stealer, and they have a weak defense, explain to me why they have allowed 8 fewer goals against then your London knights, a team you surely believe (and other have mentioned as well) is the best defense in the league?

On paper the offense is great, good thing about hockey is you play the games, and not just read the stat lines.

Kitcheners strength has been team defense, thats forwards being responsible, dmen clearing rebounds, and Gibson making the saves he has to make.

Is a defensive dman a nice addition? Absolutely. Will it be their down fall? Doubt it, theyve gone 40 games with scoring as the down fall, don't see that changing unless they break out of their slump.

I'd like to know whose keeping the pucks out of the net in Kitchener if it isnt Gibson and the defense sucks....
Whoa, I think you've got a bit far here. I never said the defence sucks. I also praised Gibson. Gibson has been very good this year and his stats are good but against the top teams he hasn't been phenomenal. (yes he has been GOOD).
If success to you is a first round win and out, ok great.
I am speaking to you in terms of real that if you wants your rangers to win the ohl championship, you won't do it with that defence. There are offences like the Knights that will skate around them and put 50 shots on Gibson. There are offences like Owen Sound that will pummel your defence into submission.
The point I made about your forwards is this: you don't need to acquire anymore, you need to get the production out of the current crop you have.

So to recap: Gibson very good. Existing forwards should be scoring more. Minimal assets you have left should be to address a shut down D (which you don't have).

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