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01-10-2013, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Matt4776 View Post
He scored 16 goals ES last season, all while being centered by Brad Richards for the majority of the season. Is he of top 6 quality? Absolutely. He's a a decent top 6 winger at ES.

Your last point only adds to mine though. His best quality is his defensive play. I want him shutting down the other team's best forwards, all while adding a scoring punch.

A third line of Pyatt-Boyle-Callahan would provide a very nice mix of grit, scoring ability, and shut-down ability. Kreider, despite being a worse player than Callahan at this stage of his career, needs a good playmaker to be at all effective, and I would not want him playing 3rd line shutdown minutes to begin with. In addition, he showed chemistry with Stepan. Also, as an aspiring power forward, there is no one better to learn from than Rick Nash.

Hags clicked extremely well with Gabby and Richards, and can do so while spreading the wealth at other lines.


Kreider played RW at BC, and Torts could decide he wants Nash on the LW since Stepan is a right-handed shot. They are interchangeable on that line, imo.

Cally will still get his time where he is best- on the PP and the PK, and in a shutdown role. 3rd line minutes would also allow him to preserve his body- he isn't getting any younger- and the style of game he plays makes him deteriorate all the faster.
Most recently he has 3 PPG's over the past 4 seasons.[/QUOTE]

My only issue with this is the amount of ice-time our 3rd line will get. You want Callahan's line as a shutdown line. That means every time our opposition plays their top line, we have Pyatt-Boyle-Callahan on the ice. This isn't a line that'll possess the puck much. They'll be dumping, and chasing. I'd rather have a more aggressive approach in our line-up. Nothings better than seeing the oppositions 1st line chasing the puck, trying to retrieve it as time is winding down.

I really, really want to see what Nash-Richards-Gaborik looks like as a trio. I'm all for spreading the love, but I also want to see a line that can dominate the opposition.

Hagelin-Stepan-Callahan as our second line. A line that you can put out in any situation, against anyone. A line that has two aggressive, balls-to-the-wall wingers with a playmaker in the middle.

Kreider-Boyle-Pyatt as our third. A power-forward line. A line that can smash the opposition. I think Hagelin is our long-term LW option here, but for next season I think this is a role where Kreider can learn the game, and provide an element in our bottom-6. I think Boyle's a great mentor too. He's a boston kid. I think he can help Kreider during those crucial early days in his career.

4th line is going to consist of Halpern in the middle. Rupp is going to show everyone he's one of the best 4th liners in the league. Too many people are writing him off after last season. That wasn't the usual Rupp. He was injured. He's a damn good player who can do more than just drop the gloves and take stupid penalties. Asham i'm not crazy about. He'll serve his purpose well, but I've never been a huge fan. I still think this is going to be a great 4th line.


Flip Nash and Hagelin if the chemistry isn't right. But there's no question about it, I have a lot of interest in seeing what that trio is capable of. Size, skill, finesse. A top-line that's going to be an absolute nightmare to defend against. I see a second line with three 20G scorers who can defend as well. a third line with size, and some scoring. And a 4th line that can do more than drop the gloves.

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