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Originally Posted by youngblood10 View Post
Have to give WR and gang credit, they took a big steaming pile of crap and turned into a nice little piece of pottery.

They injected some much need talent, more importantly veteran talent into a line up that obviously wasn't ready for the heavy lifting. I'd like to have seen Ebert moved but that's just me. I agree that Bateman has struggled, but I haven't given up on the kid. Not upset they didn't or couldn't move him and if he is a late bloomer it could be the best trade they never made.

Moving Posa wasn't a surprise to me either, as mentioned someone in the leadership structure had to go and they aren't getting rid of the coach or gm. Great kid in the community and Guelph is a good place for him as Mike Kelly is all about quality people. But I wasn't convinced he was the right fit to command this group. Difficult also when you could be going up against the owners kid/ just saying.

Over all I'd say WR had a real good season on the trade front. Enough to get them into the playoffs or more important the 7th seed. We'll have to wait and see.
This was always Kerby's lockerroom. I know I read that they might not give out the C for the rest of the year, but might as well just make it official. I can't think of a reason why they wouldn't unless it's to keep the added pressure and focus off of Kerby. I like putting the C on him now, because then he takes on the responsibilities that come with it - which in part is added scrutiny and accountabilily as he's not just the GM's kid anymore, but the team Captain.

Who would get the "A" opening? Khokhlachev even though he can't speak english that well to give him a leadership role? He wore an "A" here before didn't he? Of course there is the case to make against that given he bailed on the team to play in Russia and is only back (according to him) because Boston wanted him back in North America. However I think giving him the A might force him into taking some ownership of our team going forward the rest of the season rather than being a passenger just biding his time until the team is eliminated and he can go play in the AHL.

Bateman has played a bit better since Murphy has came here. I think playing with Koekkoek could potentially do him wonders as he'll see a guy also getting the same messages from the coaching staff that he's been getting - it will be a good re-enforcer to see the 10th overall pick getting the same coaching. Also as the 3rd defensive pairing, a lot of the offensive demands expected of him are off his shoulders as Koekkoek will be the main offensive catalyst from the defence and PPQB on the #1 unit whereas Murphy will run the second unit. Bateman can focus on the basics and playing a simple game.

I think young players look to older players to pattern their games over, to sort of mimic what they see and do and how they act. I think Ebert came in and saw Ryan Ellis here and tried to be Ryan Ellis when that wasn't his game (not to mention Ellis is a once in a decade player - his hockey IQ/feel, vision and hand-eye were amazing). But Ellis was a high first rounder and that's what Ebert wanted to be so he tried to do what Ellis did. With Sieloff here, I think Ebert is changing his game a bit, realizing that you can still be a high draft pick while playing a much simpler defensive game.

Bateman came in and had no role model that really fit his skill set - Koekkoek could be that player for him. Similarly I've thought Josh Ho-Sang was sort of on an island in this respect as well, he was the only offensive catalyst on a team of pluggers. I think playing half a year with Koko could do wonders for him - Koko will take his shot when it's there, will go into the corners and take a licking and keep on ticking. There is some fight/fire in Koko, whereas Josh sometimes looks as if he thinks he's putting on a show or it's a skills competition.

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