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01-10-2013, 10:45 AM
Leo Trollmarov
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Originally Posted by Frank the Tank View Post
... hit someone from behind. First time I have done this in 30 years of playing hockey and I still feel bad a day later.

I was racing a guy to the puck in the corner and he jumped back into me before either of us reached the corner. A bit of a preemptive strike on his part; however, this is a non-contact league and when he jumped back his stick was high and it grazed the underside of my visor. Such a careless play late in a hockey game where the score was not in doubt really angered me and I reacted by lining him up in the corner after he retrieved the puck (i.e., if he wants to play contact hockey, I can play contact hockey). I expected him to turn up the boards to break out of his zone, he just stayed there facing the glass, and I unfortunately nailed him right in the numbers while he was bent forward slightly.

It looked bad and thankfully he did not hurt his neck or back. I deservedly received five and a game. I apologized to him after the game, which he accepted, but he wasn't buying it that I expected him to turn (I would probably feel the same if I was in his place). I feel bad and am glad he was not hurt. I will accept any suspension that comes my way.
Don't worry the IIHF will only give you 1 game, he on the other hand might get 4 for catching you with the stick!

I know it isn't a funny situation, just still bitter

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