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Originally Posted by Samkow View Post
Whose head is further up their own ass, the American baseball writer who uses the word integrity 15,000 times in their column explaining their HHOF vote or the Canadian hockey writer who averages 1.7 shots at non-traditional hockey markets per Sunday column?
"Integrity" doesn't explain keeping Raines and Biggio out. You're talking about the second-best leadoff man in history (behind Rickey Henderson) and one of the five best second basemen in history, neither of whom have ever been linked to anything. The same group of guys who gave Andre Dawson a decidedly undeserved MVP award, then used that as the basis for putting in the HOF. The same group who will never consider Todd Helton for playing in an advantageous home situation, but put Jim Rice in. The same group that has several members who simply refuse to vote for anyone on the first ballot under the idiotic notion that it would be some type of tacit statement that New Inductee is better all-time than Babe Ruth.

And on the matter of "whose head is further up their own ass", the answer is still the hockey writer.

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