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01-10-2013, 11:38 AM
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Used to play D as a kid. Took time off, now I'm a goalie.

As a goalie, getting scored on is going to happen, even with the best of D in front of me. What really irks me is watching defenceman make a bonehead play then casually skate back instead of busting ass to try and rectify their mistake.
Don't ever stop trying.

Also, be very careful if you try and get a stick on the puck that's being shot at the net. Most of the time we can see it and are making our save selection based off of it's trajectory. I've had quite a few goals tipped in by my own defenceman because they weren't fully thinking.

Once you get possession of the puck in your own end, your first job is to make sure it gets out of the zone safely and quickly. Don't try and skate it up yourself unless you are completely sure it's getting out.

Keep your head on a swivel. Goalies will try to notify you when there's an attacker being unchecked, but don't get lost by fixating on the puck.

It's a very positional position. Keep shooters to the outside, don't screen your goalie (try not to at least) and make sure that the front of the net is clear.

As well, as much as it's glorious to get the slapshot goal from the blueline, you'll find more success shooting lower and hoping for a rebound or tip in from the wingers. '

It's a support position. First and foremost.

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