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01-10-2013, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by PenguinPower420 View Post
No, but you can have 20 yes votes and if First Secretary Bettman isn't happy, the little people get screwed. That's ********. That's tyranny. And it's inexcusable for the NHL because the people who depend on it for business or employment have no recourse. The common man should never be put in this position in a society that professes a liberal democratic polity.
Newsflash: The NHL is a private sector business NOT a government entity. Tyranny is instituted by governments. No one is forcing you to take your business to the NHL, you are perfectly capable of taking your business elsewhere. Without compulsion and force there is no tyranny.

And btw, private businesses are not charities: They don't "owe" anybody anything.

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