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01-10-2013, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
Leighton's numbers are actually inflated by his early seasons before the 05 lockout. His more recent numbers, since the last lockout:

3.71 GAA. .877%

He played 8 games in 2002-03, going .913 SV% and 2.82 GAA and 34 in 2003-04, going .900 and 2.99 GAA. So that is 42 games on a terrible team where his numbers are actually worse than his career numbers that inflate his now current numbers. Plus we all know that you can never count ALL of someone's stats as part of their career line. You have to discredit some of them. I mean Giroux isn't really that good, he has never been a PPG player if you don't last season.

That's our backup, and those numbers are boosted by his time playing behind the best defensive performance the Flyers have put on in years.
That is fair, I do actually think he benefited from playing behind a good defense.

As long as we score 5 goals whenever he plays while also being really good defensively, we'll be fine. Tall order. Hell, those numbers would be bad in the 80s.
Ok that is silly. I know Leighton is not agreat goalie, but I don't understand why the team would need five goals per game with him net. It has never been like that before. Yes, the team will have to play better when he is net...just like with any BACKUP goalie. But the team is not going to lose every game that he plays simply because his name is Michael Leighton.

Edit: And no, Biron's stats were not good last year. Especially considering the team he played behind. He's 35...he might have hit the wall fast and hard.
That's fine, I wasn't really commenting on Biron being good or bad, just that he was a name that everyone mentioned as a potential backup and he had similar stats last year and over his entire career to that of Leighton. Don't get me wrong, if I had a choice I would take Biron every single day, but that doesn't mean that the difference between the two is Vezina and High School goalie.

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