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01-10-2013, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
that was one season. 09-010. its 2013 now. i can tell you that the reason he was a healthy scratch had more to do with not getting the job done than injuries. here is noel slamming fehr's effort and saying he's going to keep getting 4th line minutes until he starts playing harder.

it never changed. fehr played 9:41 per game. he was -6. -8 was the team worst from two first line players.

most of the time there is a reason why a player like fehr gets benched and a player like fleischmann gets more minutes. in the case of fehr, every indication is that he didnt apply himself as hard as he could in his rehab and didnt work hard when he got to play. when a player gets called out by more than one coach, there has to be something to it. meanwhile fleischmann seems to have impressed his coaches at all three stops on his nhl resume.

as fans we cant see players that dont eat right or dont prepare properly or dont practice hard. we cant see players that are totally dedicated to their fitness and their preparedness and good practice work ethic. i recall reading where jf fortin couldnt keep his weight down and couldnt force himself to eat right and train in the offseason. this stuff has an effect and in the case of fehr its played out.
Perhaps you meant to link to a different article. That article you linked to says that he was playing hesitantly because of his shoulder injury and that he was having trouble with the mental issue that goes along with it. Noel said that if he played better, that he would have played him more. He didn't mention anything about needing to play harder.

To wit, here is an article from 5 days later.

If Fehr is healthy, I think he can contribute.

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