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01-10-2013, 12:18 PM
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Trade Edler!?!!? That isn't ballsy, that's just panicking for no reason at all... well, its not something that a two time presidents trophy winning team needs to do that for sure, and there is no way that Edmonton trades Eberle for a couple of months of Edler anyways. If you are going to make crazy trade proposals at least think about the other team. Lets see, six months of Edler, or seven years of Eberle... I just can't decide what I'd rather have! And don't even suggest for a second that he signs an extension there for any less than he would here, just don't.

Alex is the kind of player that will stay with this organization for the rest of his career unless we do something completely daft like trade him. You can't buy loyalty, you have to draft it and that is one of the only real organizational strengths that we have had is our ability to retain talent, particularly Swedish talent. You don't trade away players who actually care, unless you're Toronto, where no one really cares anymore anyways.

We already have a great asset to trade, we don't need to move our #1 defenceman, our PP QB, a guy who is on the verge of being a serious Norris candidate. If you don't appreciate what Alex means to the teams performance at both ends of the ice you don't know much about the game of hockey, just sayin'.

I mean talk about a way to lose the support of the players, the Sedin's would be furious. Why don't we trade Kesler too? Heck, lets blow the whole thing up while we can, set the arena on fire, sacrifice Finn to appease the gods of hockey, move the team to Seattle before we win another presidents trophy heaven forbid, winning is going to our heads, we need to lose more, much much more, ahhhh... its all crazy here, why are my pants on the ceiling, who cares, fire Gillis, rehire Burke, whats Marc Crawford doing these days, lets give him a call, we need his hair, inflame the magic spiky hair for puck luck, Vignaults the problem, can't you see, all he does is win, we aren't here to win, we're here for the pain, bring back the pain.... the beautiful pain of mediocrity, I miss it soooo much!

Seriously, that proposal.... full Cloutier.

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