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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I started my kid out with a mild Sakic

But are parents really calling the shots on the curves? I mean most kids I see can pick out whatever stick/curve/flex they want, the parents only care about the price tag.

Bjugstad is responsible for both this E28 curve and (if the rumors were correct) the Bauer P14. I recall reading on Mod Squad a few years ago that he recommended to all his students to use the P14 (which might be based on his pro curve), so our local shops started carrying a lot of P14 Bauer sticks.

...and now that I'm thinking of that, I really want to try a P14.
Yes, he developed the P14 curve for Bauer. Only Dave's Sport shop used to sell it in the metro. It was called the Bugsy curve. All the kids who would do Bjugstad's shooting clinic would use it. It has since expanded to other shops in the cities but it can still be tricky to find. Lot's of MN kids use the P14 curve.

I tried it out last winter but I just couldn't get used to stickhandling with it. I have since gone back to the P88 I've been using forever.

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