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01-10-2013, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
You're underrating Callahan.

It's not an issue about pride. At all. If he's our best, or one of our best forwards, there's no reason to play him less than players that are going to have less of an impact than him.

Kreider should earn that role. Has he earned it? And who's to say our top-2 lines are our only scoring lines? I did say the third-line wasn't ideal for Kreider long-term. I mentioned that I see Hagelin as our long-term 3LW. For the start of the year, I think the third line is fine for someone like CK though. Regardless of how he played last post-season.

You play your best players as much as possible, assuming the mesh with their line-mates. Neither Hagelin, nor Kreider should be playing a bigger role than Callahan. Neither has proven to be more effective yet.

Who's to say our top-6 can't use someone who's great along the boards like Callahan? Who's going to do the dirty work? Who's going to go head first into the boards to fetch a puck? Who's going to cover for our pinching dmen? You're going to trust Kreider or Hagelin to provide more than Callahan? There's no way.

As the games go on, Torts tends to roll 2 lines more than 3. Especially when we're down. I want Callahan on the ice in those situations. Hell, I want Callahan there when we're up too.

You cannot even begin to compare the three players all-around game. Callahan blows both Kreider and Hagelin away.

The mentality of playing Kreider with talented players is not something I disagree with. I just don't see the problem with starting him off with Boyle and Pyatt, two players who are good for double-digit goals and can play a high-tempo game responsibly, while providing some offense.

In my world, you give the ice-time to the player that proves he's the best fit. In my book, that's Callahan until someone dethrones him. Wake me up when that happens, please. I beg you.
Really? Are you overrating callahan? Because it sounds like you are. You say its not about pride or aka egos, but it sure sounds that way. What is there to "earn"? Did you not watch the playoffs last year? Or how about the entire season of watching hagelin? Those two guys can't "fetch" the puck as well as callahan? They may not be as strong as callahan but their speed sure as hell makes up for that in retrieving pucks. And sure Kreider's sample size is small but he was playing with better players during those playoffs, top 6 players. He flourished.

Why are we demoting him to lesser talent? You're being overly generous stating Boyle and Pyatt are good for double digit goals. Boyle has struggled throughout his career to establish the offensive side of his game. And in a 48 game shortened season? This guy will be lucky if he puts up 3-4 goals if he plays like he did last year. Pyatt's ceiling is 10 in a shortened season. And I love those two guys. I love their game. But Kreider's game is not suited for that line. I don't care how much more experience callahan has, or that he wears the "C"; you do what is best for the team. Callahan is better suited for that line. It is not a "lesser" role, it is the correct role. It is the role that gives Torts and shut down checking line against opposing team's best.

And if you think a line of Pyatt-Boyle-Callahan would get less minutes then you really haven't been paying attention to Torts the past couple years.

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