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01-10-2013, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
So it is entirely possible he lets in four goals per game? This is based on his history of doing this, right? Oh wait, that is not what his career stats say. But career stats don't mean anything because there were 42 games where his stats were slightly lower than his career numbers that inflate his career numbers (not a math whiz, but I would be interested in seeing how that is true because to me I would think that if stats were going to inflate career numbers, those stats would have to be higher than the rest of his career), and the Flyers had a good defense last time he was in net. That's right. I forgot you could ignore stats that don't support your argument. Hey, you know he has four career shutouts...if you ignore all his other games he is undefeated with a save percentage of 1.000 and GAA of 0.00!

Yeah I doubt he starts many games either, but even if he does wind up in net for 10 games or so (as was suggested by the poster to whom I originally replied), the team will not go 0-10 in that stretch because of Leighton. Like many, if not all teams, they will have to step it up and will not be in as good a position to win if Bryz gets hurt (as is the case across the board with all teams when the starting goalie goes down). But Leighton is a backup goalie with backup numbers. I will admit that a couple years ago I gave him way too much credit and was wrong about him. But the guy has backup goalie stuff and backup goalie stats. The only way to refute that is by arguing against the facts with nonsense like ignoring about half his career games for some reason (more if you will also discount his time on the Flyers, which didn't seem to help out the other goalies on the team that year...).

Yeah I guess you are right. No bias whatsoever. My bad.
I have nothing against Leighton personally. There is no bias. I just don't like bad goaltenders, and not once while I watched Leighton with the Flyers did he look like a good goaltender. He always looked like a guy in over his head.

If you want to play the game where we start discounting his best season as an outlier, it's just going to drop his numbers further since those games are well over his career average and are a sizable chunk of his games played in the NHL; 1/5, actually. Outside of his one season with the Flyers, he has an alarming amount of bad starts. He's really good in the AHL, but he flat-out cannot cut it on any level in the NHL. There's a reason he only has 124 NHL starts in the last decade compared to 352 AHL starts. Most NHL backups have that stat reversed. Go look at how many starts he has per year. Outside of his one year, he generally gets less than 10 starts a year. Those aren't the GP numbers of an NHL backup, those are the GP numbers of a third string call-up. He has one season with Carolina (since the 05 lockout) where he plays a true backup role. That's it. The guy is not fit for the role.

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