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One other thing I didn't see mentioned here is hydration. I have found that if I drink bottles of water throughout the day before gametime at night and continue to do so throughout the game it helps with keeping up the energy. How much do you guys believe in this?

Marathon runners eat the night before and perform the next morning, but I haven't had much gain with foods rich in carbs (pasta/rice). It has been mostly hydration in my personal experience. I haven't narrowed it down entirely though - some nights I feel like I'm flying and others I just feel like I can't get into it at all.

Burning in the legs - this is from buildup of lactic acid. Sometimes if I go balls-out in the first shift, the whole night is a downward spiral for my legs. Is there a way to prevent this from happening as often or as quickly? Is this a warm-up issue? Of course I stretch a few mins beforehand.

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