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01-10-2013, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
48 game season has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with anything. I don't know why you're even mentioning it.

Pyatt-Boyle-Callahan would get less minutes than our top-2, regardless of what you feel. Boyle's tired after 4 strides. Pyatt has never played for Torts.

The gaming nerds who classify Callahan as a grinder want to see Callahan in that type of role because they learned in a video game that's where those types of players belong. The real game is much different though.

Everyone is so caught up in goals, goals, goals, that they spend time trying to think of the best offensive lines they can imagine. They are all fools, in my opinion. Fools that don't understand jack **** about the dynamics of the game. Preventing scoring opportunities is just as important as creating them. Some of us fail to realize that this club outproduced most teams in the league offensively. And to boot, we acquired another star offensive player.

Kreider's not a workhorse that's going to stir things up in the neutral zone like Callahan. He's not going to win the 1-on-1 battles like Callahan. He's not going to prevent odd-man rushes by being keen to the flow of the game like Callahan. And I bet you, he won't outproduce Callahan next year either.

Underrate Callahan? I think you absolutely do. I think anyone here who really believes that both Hagelin and Kreider are better options in our top-6 are focusing on all the wrong things.
LOL I am no gaming nerd. I played the game growing up. I understand the game. Call it what you want but that grind it out style of play is exactly how Callahan plays. It is how Dubinsky played. It is how Boyle and Pyatt play. And I am far from being caught up in goals, however, I am caught up in placing players in spots where they can succeed and they can help the team succeed; getting the best and most use out of said player. Putting Kreider on the 3rd line does not do that. Kreider is not adaptable. Callahan is, because he is a great hockey player. And that is the difference. Sometimes you have to cater to certain players, know your strengths and weaknesses. Your strength is that callahan could play on any line given his ability and still provide whether it's on the scoresheet or just his on ice game. Kreider is not adaptable and will not be as good with certain players, that is the bottom line. You can argue it all you want.

And I still strongly disagree that the top 2 lines will have a significantly more amount of ice time than the 3rd line, especially in a shortened season and especially when callahan and boyle are on that 3rd line.

Also, I'm not quite sure how a 48 game season has nothing to do with anything. Don't mention how Pyatt and Boyle are cable of putting up double digit goals then if the 48 games has nothing to do with anything, because that statistical opinion is irrelevant as well then.

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