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Originally Posted by Nick0930 View Post
The writers I hate are the ones who never vote someone in. Like you have to be similar to Babe Ruth to get in the Hall.
I don't mind the idea of not voting, as long as its for a justified reason. If you feel no one is deserving and don't want to vote for someone just for the sake of voting SOMEBODY in, then that's fine. There are a bunch of guys that don't deserve to be in that are probably because too many guys feel obligated to put someone in. I do think there was at least one deserving candidate, but whatever. I would be more unhappy with a guy like Jack Morris getting in yesterday because someone had to get in. That's a bigger crime than making someone wait a year thanks to an empty class this time around.

Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
Giving Aaron Sele and Shawn Green votes are even worse.

Former HOF'ers and broadcasters should get a vote too, the writers are too corrupt.
It doesn't bother me when guys like that get votes. They're clearly never getting in, and there's no guarantee those writers are going to vote for those guy every year they're on the ballot. Maybe its a one time thing to do a little favor for a guy they had the pleasure of working with. Just allowing them to avoid putting up 0s for one year. To me, making a 'joke vote' is no worse than the writers that feel they're the judge and jury over who is and isn't guilty of something (i.e. the steroid witch hunt). Not voting for the guys who have tested positive, were clearly implicated/connected to steroids (Palmeiro, McGwire, Sosa, Clemens) is fine. There's really not much guessing in regards to their involvement. But the people who feel they have to withhold their votes because its up to them to out the guilty people who haven't been connected are ridiculous. If that's what held people off from voting for Piazza, Bagwell, etc and keeps people from voting for guys like Frank Thomas, Ken Griffey Jr. etc, then those are people that don't deserve to keep their votes.

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